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Elchrom Scientific AG
Gewerbestrasse 8
CH-6330 Cham
Switzerland Phone: +41 41 747 25 50 Fax: +41 41 743 25 36
Email: service@elchrom.com
Email: pstuder@elchrom.com

Please include the following information in your order and send it to Elchrom Scientific AG.

Shipping terms:

- Shipping time should not
    exceed 5-7 days.
 - Gels should be stored at
   4-8°C after arrival.
   Do not freeze!
 - We recommend to use any
   express service for sending

Weight > 30 KG:
we recommend to use air freight
or truck.

Freight costs and customs duties:
All freight costs and customs duties will be charged to the customer.

On orders less than 100CHF/70EUR Elchrom will apply a surcharge of 15CHF/10EUR for handling and processing.

If there are any questions, please contact pstuder(at)elchrom.com

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