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To recover the purest DNA in the most accurate way!

Product Flyer - Direct Recovery with BandPick™

Isolating ultra-pure DNA from electrophoresis gels (e.g. PCR products) is an essential and crucial step for successful downstream reactions such as sequencing, re-amplification and cloning. So far, conventional gel extraction methods were not only time consuming, they also resulted in cross-contaminations with non-specific products or contained residual chemicals that inhibited downstream enzymatic reactions.

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Due to the particular characteristics* of all pre-cast and ready-to-use gels from Elchrom Scientific, DNA can be recovered directly. Conventional gel extraction (such as columns, glass milk, silica particles, etc.) can be eliminated entirely. After the fragments have been separated during electrophoresis, each band of interest is picked by using BindPick™. The excised gel slice can be added directly to a PCR or sequencing reaction mix. During the initial denaturation step in those reactions, DNA will diffuse into the reaction solution where it will serve as a template for the reaction. Similarly, excised gel slices can be incubated in buffer (or water) at an elevated temperature (65 to 75 °C) for 20 to 40 minutes to allow diffusion. The supernatant can be uses for subsequent ligations. 

*PCR CheckIT, Spreadex® and Poly(NAT)® gels are thermally stable and chemically inert 

Special Features

    * Simple: pick and eject

    * Precise: recover DNA from a single band

    * Time saving: no additional handling steps required

    * Cost saving: no additional devices or reagents needed

    * Accurate: constant volume of excised gel (5 µl)

Ordering Information 

P/NProduct Quantity
2310BandPick™, cutting cylinder plus black piston1 box of 10
2315BandPick™, cutting cylinder plus black piston1 box of 50

Catamaran Frames

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Catamarans describe particular hydrodynamic plexiglas frames that were designed to position and secure every type of pre-cast gel during electrophoresis. They are required in both the ORIGINS by Elchrom™ and the SEA 2000® systems (Note: in combination with Elchrom's pre-cast gels, catamaran frames are also required in standard electrophoresis units!). Most important, catamaran frames were designed to increase the uniformity of the electric field and the buffer flow over the gel in the ORIGINS by Elchrom™ and SEA 2000® apparatus.

Four different sizes of catamarans are available: 

  • Mini gel, 12 samples (short running distance)
  • Mini gel, 8 samples (long running distance)
  • Wide Mini: for 1 gel (S-13/50)
  • Wide Mini: for 1 presentation (2 gels; S-50/100)

Note: Short Fragment™ gels require their own, specific catamaran (indicated by the -SF suffix)! 

Ordering Information 

P/N      Product Quantity
2008Catamaran S-8, to secure one Mini gel (8 samples)*1 box of 2
2012 Catamaran S-12, to secure one Mini gel (12 samples)*1 box of 2
2015Catamaran S-13/50 to secure one Wide Mini gel*1 box of 2
2020Catamaran S-50/100 to secure one presentation of a Wide Mini gel*1
2020-HTCatamaran S-208/400 to secure one presentation of a Wide Mini gel for high-throughput*1
2020-SFCatamaran S-50/100 to secure one presentation of a Wide Mini gel for Short Fragment™ gels*1
2021-HTCatamaran S-104/200 to secure one Wide Mini gel for high-throughput*1
2021-SFCatamaran S-13/50 to secure on Wide Mini gel for Short Fragment™ gels*1

* for ORIGINS by Elchrom™ and/or SEA 2000®

Easy-Stain Gel Tray

The Easy-Stain Gel Tray offers an easy and convenient way to handle all pre-cast gels from Elchrom Scientific. The tray has been developed for hands-free gel staining and washing, thereby avoiding potential damages to the gels or exposure to toxic staining solutions. It is particularly recommended if the gels have been peeled off the plastic backing. 

The plexiglas tray features a UV transparent bottom plate (at 312 nm) to follow staining progression and a scoop for easy gel release and pick-up. The tray also allows for easy buffer drainage without loosing the gel. Special notches allow stacking of up to 20 Easy-Stain Gel Trays for high-throughput procedures. 


    * Easy and convenient gel handling

    * Hands-free handling prevents damages to the gel

    * No skin contact with toxic staining solutions

    * Follow the staining progression in the tray at 312 nm

    * Save space on the shaker: stack up to 20 Easy-Stain Gel Trays 

Ordering Information

P/N ProductQuantity
2344Easy-Stain Gel Tray1
2344-LEasy-Stain Gel Tray Long1

Special Forceps

Handling of all pre-cast gels of Elchrom Scientific is made easy and convenient by those special forceps. Little teeth on each claw allow to firmly gripping the plastic backing of each gel. 


Ordering Information

P/N ProductQuantity
2366Special Forceps1

Agarose Casting Trays and Combs

Conventional agarose gels can be run in both, the ORIGINS and the SEA 2000® unit. However, special casting trays have to be used for pouring and running. Elchrom Scientific provides two different types of trays, each taking two combs:

  • Casting tray for Mini gels (combs for 10 or 16 wells)
  • Casting tray for Wide Mini gels (combs for 13, 20 or 26 wells)

All casting trays are provided with a UV-transparent bottom plate (at 312 nm).

Ordering Information

P/N  ProductQuantity
2040 Agarose Casting Tray for Mini gels, bottom is UV transparent (312 nm) 1
204110 Well Comb, Teflon, 1.5 mm thick1
204216 Well Comb, Teflon, 1.5 mm thick 1
2045Agarose Casting Tray for Wide Mini gels, bottom is UV transparent (312 nm)1
204620 Well Comb, Teflon, 1.5 mm thick1
204726 Well Comb, Teflon, 1.5 mm thick1
204813 Well Comb, Teflon, 1.5 mm thick1


This tool has been developed to easily remove pre-cast gels from their plastic backing. This is particularly recommended for fast and uniform post-staining. Via a nylon string (placed between the backing and the gel), the gel is peeled off and subsequently transferred into an Easy-Stain Gel Tray.

Ordering Information

P/NProduct Quantity

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