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ORIGINS by Elchrom™

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The ORIGINS by Elchrom™ is a new generation of submarine electrophoresis system with an integrated heating/cooling system. Automatic temperature control, the homogeneous electric field and buffer circulation makes ORIGINS by Elchrom™ ideally suited for introducing new standards in research and routine laboratories. In combination with Elchrom's ready-to-use gels, ORIGINS by Elchrom™ provides unsurpassed results and guarantees the highest level of reproducibility.

The ORIGINS by Elchrom™ comprises THE most cost-effective alternative to capillary electrophoresis: better results for lower costs!

Technical Features:

  • Integrated system for cooling/heating: no external water bath nor temperature probe required
  • Integrated temperature control: constant temperature of the running buffer independent of running time and voltage
  • Integrated pump for buffer circulation:  guarantees constant temperature and eliminates pH gradients even in the vicinity of the electrodes
  • Parallel double-electrodes on either side of the gel compartment provide a homogeneous and uniform electric field.
  • Working temperature range: 4°C - 55°C


Width    55 cm     Depth  41 cm    Height   22 cm

Weight 18 kg       

Gel compartment   D 10.8 x W 27.8 cm

Elchrom Scientific is your partner of choice for electrophoresis. For further information contact us under service@elchrom.com.

Ordering Information

P/N Product
2100 E ORIGINS by Elchrom™  (230V, EU-plug)
2100 U ORIGINS by Elchrom™  (115V, US-plug)

Including Catamarans S-8, S-12 & S-50/100, Peel-IT™, Easy-Stain Gel Tray, 200 ml (4x50ml) of 40x running buffer stock solution, special forceps and instruction manual.

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